Electric mobility in Province of Limburg, Netherlands


A future for e-mobility

Fossil fuel is depleting. We worry about air quality and climate changes. And yet we have over 750 million cars on this planet and add 50 million more each year. People use cars to celebrate their freedom and prosperity and to satisfy their demand for mobility. Once used to the comfort of the car, people will not easily give up this form of mobility. If we can succeed in making electric driving a serious alternative, the world will be cleaner, healthier and quieter. It makes us less dependent of fossil fuel and our freedom and prosperity remains unaffected.

A worthwhile experience with Limburg Electric

Have people experience electric driving and have them recognize e-driving as a real option for their mobility in the future. This is an important objective of The Limburg Electric Foundation. The Foundation offers a small fleet of electric vehicles to Limburg employers to allow them and their employees a month of practical day-to-day experience. The foundation strives to service 70 employers and 700 of their employees this way and drive 1 million kilometers together.

Stichting Limburg Elektrisch