The foundation distinguishes the following categories of vehicles: Cars, light cars, scooters, E-bikes and multi-wheels, and special vehicles (busses, others).

1. Cars


C Zero

Kangoo Ze

Presently, the foundation uses an Opel Ampera, Citroen C-Zero and a Renault Kangoo. We expect to have a growing number of vehicles in this category with cars like Peugeot Ion, Toyota Prius Plug-in and Nissan Leaf.

2. Lightweight vehicles


This category fits the sustainable mobility very well. For 1 or 2 people transport, the heavy conventional car can be replaced by a lighter vehicle thereby saving much energy in accelerating and stopping the excess weight. Vehicles like Renault Twizy, Twike or the new Streetscooter (in development at RWTH, Aachen) are examples of a future form of mobility for the typical daily commuter distances. At this moment our participants a driving in several Twikes. We expect to have the Twizy available in April 2012.

3. Scooters



Electric scooters are a fantastic transport to bridge short distances quickly: Quiet, clean and efficient. The foundation has several scooters from the brand Novox and Vectrix.

4. Fietsen en speciale e-Bikes

Bikkel Bike

Floo W

Pg Bike

In the Netherlands, bikes have traditionally been a popular means of transport for commuter traffic or for recreation. Bikes with electric support allow bridging distances: Refreshing, healthy and avoiding heavy perspiration when climbing the Limburg hills.
The foundation has a number of E-bikes from a Limburg manufacturer “Bikkel Bikes” and a speed bike from “PG Bike”. In this category, we also feature Dutch manufacturers like the Drymer, FlooW and Aerorider; these are bikes that combine electric support, 3 or 4 wheels for stability and a rooftop to protect biker from the weather conditions.

5. Special vehicles


The foundation and the Limburg Platform are very much interested to include small buses and transporters. In case interested parties wish to engage together with the foundation, we can create a cleaner and quieter environment with electric buses, city distribution, taxi’s and garbage collection.

Stichting Limburg Elektrisch