Plan of action

The foundation was created in May 2011. The plan of action to introduce companies and local government with e-mobility has started. Cars, light vehicles, scooters and other categories of vehicles are used across Limburg.

The driver experiences are collected through on-line questionnaires and shared with all Limburgers through publications in the media.

The foundation is organizing regular events around electric driving. An example is the introduction of new vehicles or the start at a new customer.

A special event will be organized around the introduction of the “Streetscooter”, a light vehicle presently developed at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany.

Do you want to enroll your company for a month long experience with the foundation or make a vehicle available to the foundation, you can let us know through filling out the web-based contact form. The foundation will contact you in response.

Stichting Limburg Elektrisch