In the vision up to 2020, the Euregion:

  • Has a sustainable economic motor that is vital and robust.
  • Reduced its dependence on oil and
  • Prospers and has a much improved environment.

We expect measurable results:

  • Most inhabitants of Limburg have driven an electric vehicle by 2020.
  • 30% of the 1,1 million Limburgers (status 2011) have bought electric vehicles.
  • Limburgers drive short distances up to 50 kilometer with electric vehicles.
  • Infrastructure has been established in cities and green regions in-between. It is accepted as a normal part of the street furniture.
  • Required energy for electric vehicles is produced locally and in a sustainable way.
  • The green heart in Limburg has gained attraction for tourists and companies that consider starting activities in the region.

The foundation has been a successful link in the execution of this vision after its start in Fall 2011.

Stichting Limburg Elektrisch