About the Foundation

The foundation is independent non-profit organization. Her daily task is to collect facts around the sustainable driving debate beyond feelings and opinions.

The foundation is closely cooperating with the Platform Limburg Elektrisch which consists of Province Limburg, Zuyd Hogeschool (Technical Education Centre) and LIOF (Regional Development Company).
In cooperation with the platform, companies, educational institutes and international partners, the foundation strives to accelerate developments.

The Province of Limburg has a number of practical advantages: It lies central between important industrial development centers; it has short distances between cities and has an excellent international cohesion. Eutropolis – the Euregion as big as London with 3,7 million inhabitants and 4 cultures – stands for willingness to adopt developments for a cleaner future and economic growth.

The foundation does not exclude other alternative sustainable mobility developments like fuel cells or range extenders. It has chosen for “electric” to emphasize its beliefs in electric motors to move the vehicles in the future independent of the way electricity is stored.

Above all, the foundation is a meeting place for exchange of information, where customers meet suppliers where cultures meet, where economies meet and where ideas and facts nurture new activities.

Stichting Limburg Elektrisch